About Us

Our company story is best told through the lives of our employees-passionate, hard working individuals who pour their heart and soul into creating a product that is as tough and dependable as the men who make it. Steady and always ready and willing to put in a hard days work, most of our guys have been with us for years. Florencio has been a stronghold in the plant since 1982 and we believe that his history with us says a lot about us as an organization-that our business and our products have a long lasting quality that means dependability and the best that’s out there.

The history of GNC Concrete is a story of hard work and determination and a goal to provide a product that not only meets industry standards but exceeds them in design capabilities and structural integrity. Decades of perseverance and commitment have led GNC to being the most trustworthy and dependable supplier of precast concrete products in Oklahoma, a reputation that is upheld by all of our customers.

GNC Concrete has been a family affair since the 1970s when Sandy Nelson started up the business. Since then the business has expanded to include multiple state of the art facilities and a growing sales region that extends beyond Oklahoma and into surrounding states including Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. When Sandy decided to sell the company for health reasons, the next generation purchased the business from her and it is now being run by her son, Don Carr, daughter, Robbe Grider, and son-in-law, Joe Grider who have continued to grow the company to this day.

GNC Concrete Products is Oklahoma’s most trustworthy source for affordable precast concrete structures. With over 70 different concrete products, we’ve been supplying everything from median barriers to concrete pipe to satisfied customers all over Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas for over 40 years. Our sprawling facilities mean that we can handle any job no matter the size but our tight knit group of employees insures that you’ll get exceptional customer service through all phases of your order. We’re extremely proud of our line of products since we can brag that every component of every product is American made.

Family Owned & Operated GNC Concrete Products has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. Our focus is on our customers and after decades of business we firmly believe that the relationships we have with our customers is as important as the structural integrity of our products.

In Business

41 yrs


70 +

Happy Customers

2500 +

Dedicated Employes




For 41 years GNC Concrete is a story of hard work, quality and a goal to provide products that not only meets industry standards but exceeds them in design capabilities and structural integrity


Their is no better experience than growing up in the business. The management team has been leading the company for over 30 years driving innovation, product quality and customer satisfaction.


To provide our customers with a product and service that not only meets industry standard but exceeds them in design capabilities and structural integrity. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none.

Core Values

Delivering our very best through Teamwork, Integrity, Quality & Innovation, Mutual Trust and Respect, Transparency, Customer Satisfaction and Commitment to Continuous Improvement